Scary Gourmet - Happy Halloween! (+BONUS ART)

It's been an absolutely delightful month for our little game, and we wanted to share some of that joy with all of you who enjoyed the title. So, as a bonus from high-tea, please enjoy these little couples costumes they put together for the Hallows' Eve!!! ^o^

The gay dads themselves decided to go for some classic ensembles, though Wingston is still wondering why Barkie gets to be Batman... But you can't deny the cape and cowl suits the barghest perfectly. And really, how could everyone's favorite neurotic vampire bat refuse a costume where his wings come built in? >W<

Baella and Mozzy have decided to go all out for this year, but could there be some secondary motivations behind their choices for this evening? I suppose we'll have to see if the mothgirl is willing to share her 13-year-old musings from fanfiction dot net :3c
Once again, thank you, ALL OF YOU, for taking the time to enjoy our little title. To think such a cute little project would garner so much support and interest, it honestly touches our hearts. Have a great Halloween, and stay spooky!!! <3

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Congrats on such a cute game!  🎃♥️


uwu appreciated~~~


All of them look adorable and good on Mozzy for fulfilling her fanfic musings IRL! LOL


yussssssssssss!!! we're so proud of our resident nerd uwu