Scary Gourmet - RELEASED!


I'm thrilled to announce that the latest game I've been working on, Scary Gourmet, is now available to play! This was my first collaboration in quite some time, so I am extremely excited to see what you all think of the release. Enjoy!

Synopsis: It's a big night for Wingston and Barktholomew, two dads excited to see their daughter Baella return from college, just in time for a nice, vegan Halloween dinner. But their best laid plans are thrown to the winds by the appearance of an unexpected guest - for their daughter has decided to bring along her new girlfriend, a young lady from a well-to-do witching family, with the refined tastes to match a girl of her station!

Now, with the moon quickly rising and the cauldron bubbling over, Wingston and Barktholomew will have to pull off the best dinner they can to impress this mystery girl. Tensions run high, anxieties even higher, but should it all fall apart, how will this family come back together?

  • 6k words total!
  • Playtime between 15-20 mins
  • 4 unique characters with expressive artwork
  • LGBTQ+ cast, with gay dads and gay girlfriends galore!

Art and Concept by high-tea

Writing and Programming by tinysamm

This game was created as a submission to Spooktober 2021.

Files 86 MB
Sep 28, 2021 121 MB
Sep 28, 2021

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